Chicago moleskine

My mum bought me this notebook as a pre-emigration present, after I recently spent a week with her twirling moleskine displays in every shop we went into, looking for one.  It’s close to pointless, but just the kind of thing I’m a sucker for in its miniature perfection.  At the front there are a lot of maps of Chicago complete with stick-on tracing paper that you can overlay onto the maps to mark your destinations/ routes on, some conversion tables and the like, tabbed sections for noting down information about people, places, books etc, and then blank pages for me to fill with what one must assume will be great and profound thoughts.  ‘Chicago’ is embossed on the spine and it has that lovely Moleskine pocket at the back. Like I said, close to pointless, but also the thing I’m going to be carrying with me everywhere to write down notes on blog stuff once I’m out there.


About scepticalexpat

British 30something wannabe academic, moving to Chicago for three years in August 2010.
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