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Things I’ll miss about Britain no. 4: the double decker bus

I’m not talking about the Routemaster.  I like the Routemaster – very much – but most of my life hasn’t been lived in London. What I like is simply the humble bus with two deckers, which I’ve never seen in … Continue reading

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Last day at work

It is a sad thing, leaving a job. Back when I, and all my friends, were PhD students, I was all too fond of saying to people: ‘Jobs are like boyfriends [or girlfriends].  You only need one.  That’s all you’ve … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the cancellation phone call

Initially it seems laughably simple to cancel UK utilities and contracts.  Rather than having to engage in a protracted negotiation about whether you’d like to keep them for less money/ in your new home/ to avoid upsetting the person on … Continue reading

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Letters of introduction

In the past fortnight, I have received the following offers: ‘I’ll email my friend for you.  She teaches art history.’ ‘I’ll introduce you to my former graduate student.  Let me have your email address.’ ‘Let me send your CV to … Continue reading

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