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In which I go to a baseball game

Here’s everything I knew about baseball before Saturday. 1) It’s a bit like rounders. 2) Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe. 3) There are baseball caps, baseball boots and baseball jackets. 4) The ‘World Series’ is … Continue reading

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Organic, free-range, cage-free, ‘natural’

I knew this was going to be a problem.  But I didn’t really believe how bad it was going to be. I like meat and I’ve never had success with my brief experiments of doing without it.  (Though unlike both … Continue reading

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Wildcat welcome: or, the start of the new academic year

If you ever assumed that American and British cultures really weren’t that far apart, here’s something that quite wonderfully demonstrates how wrong that is. The new term starts this week at Northwestern, and, poised as we are on the edge … Continue reading

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Life thru a laptop

So, I previously bemoaned my tendency to spend too much of my life checking emails, surfing the Internet, playing on Facebook. Things have got much, much worse.  I’ve realised that I am now living 90% of my waking life on … Continue reading

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Ban the cams!

I’ve never really grasped how people can make a civil rights/ libertarian argument against speed cameras, though I know there are loads of pressure groups doing just that in Britain (here’s one).  I’d assumed it had nothing to do with … Continue reading

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A Womb with a View

Check out the picture, at Culturally Discombobulated.

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Chicago Architecture Foundation boat trip

I thought it would be nice to write reviews of all the touristy things we do in Chicago, as a kind of resource for our visitors and fellow tourists.  So here is review no. 1 (rather delayed) on the Chicago … Continue reading

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