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Hail to purple

There are times when scepticism is simply rude.  Friday night at the pep rally on the edge of Northwestern campus was one of them.  It was Homecoming Weekend (which, as far as I can grasp, is the weekend when alumni … Continue reading

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Evanston farmers’ market

With only three more weeks left this season for the farmers’ market the tables are dwindling, the body warmers are coming out, and we’re contemplating buying up a winter’s worth of squashes before it finally closes down. Back in September … Continue reading

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The Browne review seen from America

I’ve been following the outcome of the Browne review on funding higher education and the UK Comprehensive Spending Review from over here, and it feels like pressing my ear to the door of a room with a big, angry meeting. For … Continue reading

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Chicago botanic garden

I’m not a big garden visitor, though I do have fond childhood memories of my Granny taking us for brisk walks around the Edinburgh Botanics, where there were a lot of squirrels and we always visited the rock garden. But … Continue reading

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The worst witch

The story so far: Christine O’Donnell, far-right Tea Party/Republican candidate for Delaware in next month’s elections here, believer that masturbation is a sin, you can be cured of being gay, and abortion is murder, appeared on some talk shows in … Continue reading

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Settling in

The question I’m being asked most at the moment is ‘how are you settling in?’, and this post is by way of a proper answer. The first two or three weeks were overwhelming.  I’ve always thought it unfortunate that most … Continue reading

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Red alert

Autumn happens; the leaves go brown and fall off the trees; we absentmindedly kick through the crisp brown piles and put on our scarves. If this all sounds a bit laidback to you – nay, even soppily passive – you … Continue reading

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