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Another holiday to worry about

The title of this post comes from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which, as Culturally Discombobulated explains, is required viewing for all American children.  Here’s the opening segment, which I will use as if in one of my lazier lecture-writing moods … Continue reading

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Ransom on the radio

Thank God it’s over.  Today I woke up to the classical music station WFMT, the Chicago public radio station that is one of the very, very few for which we have listenable reception, and there was… classical music playing. This … Continue reading

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Cool places in Chicago, no. 2: Uncommon Ground

I’ve gone on before (ad nauseam, you might be muttering) about local, ethically produced food: now here is another big hit to put alongside the farmers’ market.  Uncommon Ground is not just totally environmentally sound, it serves some of the … Continue reading

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Breath breathes

Ah, the stress of relocation.  Bank accounts, furniture, health insurance… and finding the right yoga class. I am not a natural exerciser.  Also, I do not believe that the universe runs on chi. (Whatever chi is.) But in the right … Continue reading

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Cool places in Chicago, no. 1: The Music Box

This may well be the best cinema I have ever been to. There are rivals.  Preston Odeon, now closed, has a special place in my heart as the cinema  where I saw ET one Christmas and cried all the way home.  The … Continue reading

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OK, so we all know Hallowe’en is bigger and better in America.  The pumpkins are huge; everybody goes to parties; trick or treating, to hear people mutter disapprovingly in Britain, sums up the me-me-me consumerism and obesity of America in … Continue reading

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