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A guide to the coffee shops of Evanston

Evanston is a rubbish place to get a drink.  The only nice bar is the Celtic Knot, and that’s an Irish pub, which seems a bit wrong for the would-be embracer of the American experience.  This seems to be a … Continue reading

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A new library to play in

As an out-of-work academic wandering the world, all I really want is a nice library to curl up and go to sleep in.  Think I’m speaking metaphorically? Nope.  I’ve fallen asleep in them all, from the Bodleian to Stockholm’s Royal … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Chicago hot dog

Hot dogs are everywhere in Chicago.  They are the default snack wherever you go: baseball game, shopping at Target, the Chicago Art Institute.   Macy’s basement food court fed us hot dogs on our first or second day in Chicago, … Continue reading

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The American Art of the Standing Ovation

On Friday M, J and I saw Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at the Steppenwolf theatre, which has been getting rave reviews.  (SPOILER ALERT: this post gives away the play’s ending.)  I’ve been googling for half an hour and I … Continue reading

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Having coffee with my laptop

How’s this for a bit of irrational behaviour.  This morning, I was struggling to keep my focus on something I was trying to write. Constantly breaking off to check Facebook or find a snack or a drink. My solution? Go … Continue reading

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Expat Christmas

For a start, it was White.  The snow fell lightly and prettily on the way to our Christmas Eve expedition to see White Christmas, and we thought that this was one thing Chicago definitely does better than Britain. Then, it … Continue reading

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