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Strung out on crack, or, mayoral elections Chicago-style

The Chicago mayoral elections are on Tuesday, and the election race has been going on ever since we moved here. Back in September, Mayor Richard M. Daley announced that he would not be standing for re-election after serving for what … Continue reading

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No one ever warned us about the static.  We were expecting the snow, the car culture, the huge food portions.  But who knew static electricity was going to be such a daily irritation? From my unscientific perspective I have three … Continue reading

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After the blizzard

I didn’t believe that 20 inches of snow fell last week.  But the National Weather Office says it’s true – the third worst storm since 1967, apparently.  There are a few problems with assessing snow depth as an amateur onlooker. … Continue reading

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The loneliness of the long distance expat

So, I’ve written lots of jolly posts about discoveries in Chicago and amusing differences between British and American culture, but now, for balance, here’s some seasonal gloom.  I’m not in the mood to put up with anyone telling me I … Continue reading

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