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On being unemployed

Before I moved to America I had been unemployed only once, for a couple of months between finishing my BA and getting a job in a London bookshop. It was 1996 and it felt like it was taking forever. This … Continue reading

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When M broke it to me that we were moving to Chicago, one of the major silver linings in it for me was the proximity of Kalamazoo. Of course, this probably sounds back to front – Kalamazoo is an unremarkable … Continue reading

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A new library to play in

As an out-of-work academic wandering the world, all I really want is a nice library to curl up and go to sleep in.  Think I’m speaking metaphorically? Nope.  I’ve fallen asleep in them all, from the Bodleian to Stockholm’s Royal … Continue reading

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Hail to purple

There are times when scepticism is simply rude.  Friday night at the pep rally on the edge of Northwestern campus was one of them.  It was Homecoming Weekend (which, as far as I can grasp, is the weekend when alumni … Continue reading

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The Browne review seen from America

I’ve been following the outcome of the Browne review on funding higher education and the UK Comprehensive Spending Review from over here, and it feels like pressing my ear to the door of a room with a big, angry meeting. For … Continue reading

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I am a rock

I’ve been feeling a bit misanthropic today, hence the lyric title, but it also fits this much more charming subject. These rocks, on the shore of Lake Michigan, form the edge of Northwestern campus. They’re on the LakeFill land that … Continue reading

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Wildcat welcome: or, the start of the new academic year

If you ever assumed that American and British cultures really weren’t that far apart, here’s something that quite wonderfully demonstrates how wrong that is. The new term starts this week at Northwestern, and, poised as we are on the edge … Continue reading

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