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Hold your hand in the air like you really really care

Oh what a fool I was. Turns out baby A can leave the country on her British passport, but she can’t come back in unless we get her an American one. The idea of leaving her behind in Mexico next … Continue reading

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Meeting people is wrong

Before I get going I must apologise, in response to several complaints, for the dearth of recent blog posts. Medically speaking the pregnancy is going very well, and I have no problems to speak of at this stage (35 weeks), … Continue reading

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How to get a temp job in sixteen easy steps

For some reason I’ve always had at the back of my mind a plan for how I’d make money if I couldn’t do my normal job.  It allowed me to indulge my fantasies about resignation when I was a disillusioned … Continue reading

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No one ever warned us about the static.  We were expecting the snow, the car culture, the huge food portions.  But who knew static electricity was going to be such a daily irritation? From my unscientific perspective I have three … Continue reading

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Another holiday to worry about

The title of this post comes from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which, as Culturally Discombobulated explains, is required viewing for all American children.  Here’s the opening segment, which I will use as if in one of my lazier lecture-writing moods … Continue reading

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Breath breathes

Ah, the stress of relocation.  Bank accounts, furniture, health insurance… and finding the right yoga class. I am not a natural exerciser.  Also, I do not believe that the universe runs on chi. (Whatever chi is.) But in the right … Continue reading

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Settling in

The question I’m being asked most at the moment is ‘how are you settling in?’, and this post is by way of a proper answer. The first two or three weeks were overwhelming.  I’ve always thought it unfortunate that most … Continue reading

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